What We Do


Trinicarsales.com is an online listing website for vehicles in Trinidad and Tobago. We provide you with the convenience of browsing different vehicles without leaving the comfort of your home. Sure, you might have to meet in person to see the car yourself, but when searching around for the car you need, having a lot of options at your fingertips before narrowing down which ones you want to see in person is always a good thing. We try to provide as much information as possible about the vehicles listed here.


Each listing provides specifications and a detailed description of the vehicle as well as the contact information for the seller. These aspects include Interior and Exterior photos, Features, and more. What makes it even better, is that Trinicarsales.com shows the photos, price, neccessary details and contact information at a glance while a user is scrolling through the listings, which makes it much easier for them to contact the seller without actually viewing that specific listing’s page.



What Makes Us Different


The difference between Trinicarsales.com and most other Trinidad & Tobago vehicle listing websites is that we list your vehicles 100% FREE of charge. All you have to do, is send us an email and provide us with:


-Photos of the vehicle (Interior and Exterior if possible)
-Contact Number
-Make and Model of the vehicle
-Series (PCL, PBD, PAX etc.)
-Features (Fully loaded, local used, stock rims, chrome rims, CD/USB Deck etc.)
-Detailed description of the vehicle (How many previous owners, condition, working condition, problems if any, etc.)


After Trinicarsales.com receives the necessary information, your listing will be added as soon as possible.



Get More Views To Your Listing


Whether you already have vehicles listed on Trinicarsales.com or are about to contact us to list a new vehicle, if you would like your listing to get the most amount of views possible,  you can request a space in the “Featured Vehicles” section, which is the first thing a visitor’s eye would land on when he/she visits the website.


This however, will now be a premium listing and move out of the free listing category. The premium listing period spans monthly, while there are special discounts for more than one month. If a payment is not made to renew a premium listing, your property will still be listed on Trinicarsales.com 100% FREE of charge, but it will not be featured on the “Featured Vehicles” section.


In addition to the Featured section, we also have some more Premium Services which you can check out by visiting the Premium Service tab above, or clicking here.